My Name is Reilly Barletta.

You’ve probably heard of me – I’m an English Cream Golden Retriever and Lou’s best pal.

I had trouble typing this, because I don't have any thumbs, but I got one of the interns to help me.

People say if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog. So, Lou got me!

Lou and I go everywhere together, from the campaign trail in Pennsylvania to the halls of Congress. I was even named the Cutest Dog on Capitol Hill! And unlike politicians in Washington, I’m always happy to see Lou.

But I’m more than a handsome face. I’m a constant reminder to Lou that his top priority is standing up for the most vulnerable, including animals.

When it comes to promoting animal welfare, Lou does more than just bark. Lou fights to protect animals like me. Just look at his record:
  • Cosponsored the Pet and Women Safety (PAWS) Act, which protects the human and animal victims of domestic violence and supports the work of battered women’s shelters to accommodate pets.
  • Cosponsored the Prevent Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act, which makes malicious animal cruelty a crime on federal property and in interstate commerce, and complements state anti-cruelty laws.
  • Cosponsored the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act, which strengthens federal law against the “soring” of show horses, whereby caustic chemicals and other painful substances are used to injure horses’ hooves and legs to induce a high-stepping gait.
  • Cosponsored the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act, which prohibits the slaughter and export of horses for human consumption overseas.

I’m proud of the work Lou has done for me and other four-legged friends.

If you care about the humane treatment of animals, you should join me in supporting my best friend, Lou.




Welcome to My Campaign Blog!


Me and my human Lou had another great week, wrapping up the August-leg of our “Red, White, and Lou” bus tour across Pennsylvania!  We visited the Zippo lighter manufacturing plant in Bradford, the Grice Museum in Clearfield County, and the Whitley-Drink Works! in Warren.  Last night our friends in Erie held a huge rally for us.  Northwest Pennsylvania is Lou (and Reilly!) Barletta Country!  Today we’re headed down to Pittsburgh for events honoring Pennsylvania Veterans.  Next week Lou is going back to Washington to do his job for his constituents in northeast Pennsylvania, but, don’t worry, we’ll be back on the bus in October for the final stretch as we drive to victory in November!  Bark at you then!


Me and my human Lou had a great end to the third week of our “Red, White, and Lou” tour!

We were back in southwestern Pennsylvania to continue talking about putting our kids before Congress by making sure our schools are secure. This time, Lou held a roundtable discussion with law enforcement, parents, and teachers in Fayette County. Everyone was really interested in Lou’s plans to make sure schools have the resources necessary to keep our kids and teachers safe as everyone heads back to school! Then we headed over to Washington County for a big Republican rally. Our GOP friends were so excited to hear from Lou about how he’s going to beat Sleepin’ Bob Casey this November!

We can’t wait to get back on the road this week with stops in every corner of Pennsylvania as we finish the August leg of the “Red, White, and Lou” tour!


It’s been a busy week for Team Lou on the “Red, White, and Lou” bus tour and we’re not even half way through the week!

First my buddy Lou earned the endorsement of the Pittsburgh, Hazleton, and Lehigh Valley lodges of the Fraternal Order of Police.  This is so HUGE!  Six years ago, the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Bob Casey for Senate, but now the statewide chapter is refusing to endorse and local chapters are choosing Lou for Senate!  

When we hopped back on the bus, we headed to the Lehigh Valley to join some of our law enforcement friends, teachers, and parents to talk about school security.  Lou’s focusing our week on making sure our kids and teachers are safe in the classroom as they head back to school.  We had great school security roundtable events in the Northampton, Lancaster, and Montgomery Counties.  I was just disappointed our police friends didn’t bring any of their four-legged partners for the events… I was hoping I’d have some fellow pups to play with!

But we can’t be everywhere, so Lou released his first television ad talking about his commitment to put kids safety before Congress'.  It’s terrible that Congress will rush to fund security for themselves, but not our kids!  Not Lou, he puts our kids before Congress!


Me and my buddy Lou finished up the second leg of our Red, White and Lou bus tour with the best day yet! We first headed to Franklin County to visit the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter. Lou loves animals. He's been a champion for animal welfare in Congress and he's promises to fight for his four-legged friends like me when he becomes our Senator! I got to make some new friends that I hope find new forever homes soon!

We then headed over to Lancaster County where Lou visited the Willow Valley Retirement Community. Lou talked about how he wants to fight to protect Pennsylvania seniors. The residents were shocked to hear about all the lies Bob Casey is telling about Lou, including what Politifact called the "lie of the year" in 2011. Sure glad Pennsylvania voters understand that Bob Casey is trying to mislead them!
Next week we visit the Lehigh Valley, Pittsburgh, Lancaster, and Philadelphia! See you back on the bus Monday!


Such a busy day with my buddy Lou on his Red, White and Lou bus tour. We started the day in Pittsburgh and headed east to State College for Penn State's Ag Progress Days. Did you know agriculture is Pennsylvania's number one industry? That's why Lou was so excited to talk about his work to end regulatory barriers for PA's farmers. As Lou told the 700 agricultural activists, sometimes a ditch is just a ditch and a mud puddle is just a mud puddle! Common sense isn’t too common in Washington. 

We then headed back to the northeast for the Marcellus Shale Coalition's big meeting in Wilkes Barre. Natural gas is so important for America and Pennsylvania gets to be a state among nations because of our great resources. Most important to me, natural gas actually plays a big role in making my dog toys! So I don't understand why Bob Casey did not accept the Marcellus Shale Coalition's invitation. Grrrrrr... but I sure am glad Lou supports Pennsylvania natural gas!


My buddy Lou had such an amazing day today on our Red, White and Lou bus tour!  He started his day off accepting the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business. NFIB is the nation's largest small business group and we are so excited to have Pennsylvania small businesses on Team Lou!  Small business owners know that the only candidate running for Senate this year who is fighting for lower taxes and against unnecessary regulations is Lou Barletta. We toured local manufacturers near Johnstown, my new friend Noah and Lou’s grandson Gabriel hung out with me on the bus. They even brought me a hard hat!

We then headed off to Pittsburgh where the National Electrical Contractors Association also endorsed Lou's campaign. The momentum is building behind my pal Lou. Tomorrow we head to Penn State for Ag Progress Days!  Check in to hear about all our fun in Happy Valley.


Me and my pal Lou are back on the road to kick off the second week of the Red, White and Lou statewide bus tour.  We are being joined by my four-legged pal Winnie, Lou’s daughter Lindsey’s pup!  I love my humans, but it’s nice to have another dog on the trail!  It was rainy as we trekked across eastern and central Pennsylvania toward Altoona.  We kicked off the the day with a packed lunch in Lewisburg where Lou talked about his support for lowering the taxes of hardworking Pennsylvania families.  The crowd was very excited to hear about this because they know Bob Casey loves raising our taxes and he even voted against the tax cuts that reduced the tax burden of 90% of all Americans (Grrrrrrrr…).  We then headed west to Blair County where the local Republican Party held a meet-and-greet with over 300 supporters (!!!) for Lou in Altoona.  Everyone was so friendly and happy to meet Lou.  They all said Bob Casey has been sleeping on the job… must be why President Trump calls him “Sleepin’ Bob!”  Tomorrow is going to be a big day, so tune in for some exciting news as the Red, White, and Lou (AND REILLY!!) tour heads to Johnstown and Pittsburgh!


What a day, what a week!  Me and my buddy Lou wrapped up the first leg of the Red, White, and Lou bus tour across Pennsylvania today by traveling to Fayette, Indiana, and Huntingdon Counties!  We got to see how fences are made in Blairsville and meet a bunch of new friends at a meet and greet in Uniontown.  But you know me, the best part of my day was visiting the Huntingdon County Fair!  I kept hoping and watching for someone to drop their funnel cake… but no one did.  I can’t blame them, they looked so good that I’d be extra careful too!  We’ll be back blogging next week when the Red, White, and Lou tour is on the road again with stops in Altoona, Pittsburgh and State College!


Day three of the Red, White, and Lou bus tour and I’m already tuckered out, but my human Lou seems to be gaining steam!  Today we headed to New Castle.  Did you know New Castle is the Hot Dog Capital of the World?!  Well it is… trust us because we had more than a few!  Then we headed to Mario’s in Beaver to meet some new friends of Lou’s campaign at a meet-and-greet.  We ended the day in Pittsburgh meeting with an Allegheny County Republican dinner.  Tomorrow we start making our way back east with stops in Uniontown, Indiana, and Huntingdon!


Me and my human Lou had another great day on our bus tour across Pennsylvania.  Lou had a huge breakfast reception in Gettysburg.  About 100 new friends filled the historic Dobbin House to hear about Lou’s commitment to put Pennsylvania first!  We then hopped on the bus and drove all the way to Westmoreland County where Lou got to tour Hamill Manufacturing.  I didn’t get to come on the tour with Lou though, but he told me all about the cool metal products they produce.  I did get to go to Lou’s next stop where some new friends in Irwin held a house party for us!  But Lou saved the best for last when I got to go with him to the Butler Farm Show!  Lou’s friend, Congressman Mike Kelly, joined us as we saw all the other animals and learned about Pennsylvania agriculture.  Lou even snuck me a funnel cake and frozen lemonade (shhhhh... )!  It was a long… RUFF… day but so much fun!  Can’t wait to be back on the bus tomorrow as my buddy Lou visits New Castle, Beaver, and Pittsburgh!

Today we kicked off my buddy Lou Barletta's “Red, White, and Lou” Tour and we had a blast!  So many of our friends in our hometown of Hazleton came out to send us off.  I was even interviewed by WBRE-TV. But our best stop came next… Lou took me to Duke’s Delites in the Lehigh Valley that makes dog treats.  So while Lou learned about their programs to help developmentally disabled folks learn work skills, I got to eat some tasty treats! We then headed down to Lebanon County where Lou got to tell new friends about how he wants to help the farmers in rural Pennsylvania succeed.  The people were so nice and Lou got to eat some good people food there (he snuck me some leftovers, so trust me… it was good!).  It was such a fun day to start Lou’s big bus tour!  Check in tomorrow to hear about our big day in Gettysburg and at the Butler Fair!