Tax Relief for Working Families

Working families across Pennsylvania want the same thing: good-paying, family-sustaining jobs. Unfortunately, in recent years, Americans have seen jobs leave our country and wages stagnate, while the federal government continued to take more and more money out of their paychecks. Enough was enough. Congressman Lou Barletta stood with working families and voted for middle-class tax cuts, which have resulted in millions of Americans seeing bigger paychecks, raises, bonuses, and additional benefits. Bob Casey, on the other hand, once again sided with Washington liberals, like Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders, and voted no.

Supporting Good-Paying, Family-Sustaining Jobs

Before politics, Congressman Barletta was a small businessman and job creator. Congressman Barletta first ran for Hazleton City Council because he wanted to make government run more like a business. Congressman Barletta has never stopped fighting for good-paying, family sustaining jobs. Barletta has consistently supported removing unnecessary, burdensome regulations so that businesses can grow and hire workers. As a member of Congress, Barletta has fought to roll-back excessive, job-killing Obama-era regulations – including the Waters of the U.S. rule, which created a massive tangle of bureaucracy that threatened job creation and economic growth for farmers, home builders, manufacturers, contractors, and pretty much anyone who uses land in the course of doing business. Congressman Barletta has led efforts to find new markets for coal while reclaiming coal waste piles, revitalize Pennsylvania’s industrial base, and protect good-paying Pennsylvania jobs. Bob Casey, however, supported the Obama Administration’s extreme anti-jobs agenda and sided with radical environmentalists over Pennsylvania’s working families. When Bob Casey had the chance to stand-up to President Obama’s attacks on Pennsylvania’s vibrant energy sector, Casey allowed the Obama War on Coal to run over Pennsylvania, killing thousands of jobs and raising energy prices for Pennsylvania’s families.