Sanctuary cities put every American family at risk. Congressman Lou Barletta is leading the effort to end these dangerous policies and protect American lives.

Sanctuary cities are localities which resist or ban enforcement of federal immigration laws, or flatly refuse to cooperate with immigration officials. They create a safe haven for criminals and gang members who are in our country illegally. As a former mayor, Congressman Barletta knows that no mayor in America has the right to pick and choose which laws they wish to enforce.

In 2006, while Congressman Barletta was mayor of Hazleton, his city experienced a violent murder that compelled Barletta to engage with the problem of illegal immigration. Derek Kichline, a 29-year-old Hazleton resident and father of three young children, was working on his pickup truck when he was shot and killed. His accused killer was in this country illegally and had previously been arrested at least a half dozen times but let go in New York City – a sanctuary city.

Then-Mayor Barletta sat with Kichline’s parents, who demanded to know why their son was gone but his alleged killer was in the country illegally. Enough was enough. Barletta drafted, introduced, and passed the first local ordinance in the nation cracking down on illegal immigration.

The first bill Congressman Barletta introduced when he got to Congress, the Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act, would have cut off all federal funding to sanctuary cities. Congressman Barletta reintroduced his bill following the tragic murder of Kate Steinle, who was shot and killed while walking with her father in San Francisco – also a sanctuary city. Steinle’s accused killer was in the country illegally after being deported five times and committing seven felonies.

When it came time for Bob Casey to stand up for law-abiding Americans, Casey sided with criminal illegal immigrants to protect sanctuary cities. Bob Casey even voted against Kate’s Law, named after Kate Steinle, which would have increased penalties against illegal immigrants who re-enter the country illegally.

Congressman Lou Barletta is committed to ending dangerous sanctuary cities and securing our borders. While Bob Casey puts illegal immigrants first, Congressman Barletta will never stop fighting to protect American citizens.