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Lou Barletta is a small-town guy with big ideas on how to Change Pennsylvania for the better. Born and raised in Hazleton, Lou learned Pennsylvania grit from his parents. His blue collar upbringing taught him the value of a hard day’s work for an honest paycheck. Lou started his own pavement marking business with his wife Mary Grace for $29.95 at age 28 and five years later it was the largest of its kind in the Commonwealth. 


Lou served as a congressman but Lou’s first role in public service was serving as a councilman and eventually mayor of his hometown of Hazleton.  Frankly, those lessons that Lou learned as mayor have always stayed with him. 


Lou knows that if we are going to Change Pennsylvania, it’s going to be done by bringing the values of cities like Hazleton and the hundreds of other towns and boroughs across our Commonwealth to Harrisburg.


Changing Pennsylvania starts right here, right now. Lou is ready to get to work. If you agree that it’s time for a change then sign up below!