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Read below Lou's stance on relevant issues

Rebuilding the Economy

Barletta will undo the economic damage caused by Gov. Tom Wolf’s disastrous response to the coronavirus epidemic, which included crushing small businesses with shutdowns, killing thousands of jobs, sending Covid-positive patients into nursing homes, and botching the vaccine rollout.


Barletta founded a pavement marking business with an initial investment of $29.95 and within five years had built his enterprise into the largest of its kind in Pennsylvania and then the 6th largest in the country. Having lived the dream of starting up his own small business, Barletta will return power to the entrepreneurs of Pennsylvania.  He understands that government’s best role often can be to get out of the way and let private citizens create jobs and grow the economy. That means keeping taxes low and reducing regulations to free Pennsylvanians to thrive.

Unleashing Pennsylvania’s Natural Resources

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is blessed to sit atop a massive expanse of natural resources which has always been a key driver of our economy. Barletta will be a champion of the production of coal, oil, and natural gas, which are industries targeted by liberals intent on taking those jobs away from our citizens. Thousands of well-paying union jobs have vanished because of regulations, freezes, and bans, and Barletta will fight to restore our energy sector prominence. Barletta will also promote the extraction of rare earth minerals.


Combatting Illegal Immigration

As mayor of Hazleton, Barletta learned firsthand that immigration is not solely a federal issue – it matters who holds office in states as well. He was the first mayor in the country to pass a local ordinance standing up against illegal immigration and was promptly sued by the ACLU. As a member of Congress, he fought every day to protect our borders and strengthen our laws. As Governor, Barletta will maintain his strong stance against illegal immigration, as a public safety issue, as job protection for Pennsylvania workers, and as a public health issue.

Supporting our Law Enforcement Officers

As a former mayor of Hazleton, PA, Barletta knows that our local and state law enforcement officers are the greatest assets our communities have to offer. He will always honor and support the men and women in blue – those brave citizens who put their own lives on the line to protect their neighbors. Barletta will always fully fund law enforcement’s needs and as Governor will oppose any efforts to defund the police. At the same time, he will also strongly support firefighters and first responders, who also give of themselves to protect and defend their communities.


Strengthening Election Security

The election of 2020 taught us that changes to election rules, put in place using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse, caused delays, chaos, uncertainty, and widespread mistrust in our electoral process. Pennsylvanians must know that the integrity of our elections is sound and Barletta will take action to restore public trust.

Rebuilding our Infrastructure

As a former chairman of a subcommittee of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives, Barletta fully understands Pennsylvania’s needs. Our roads and bridges are in dire need of repair and refurbishing and have been neglected by Gov. Wolf’s administration. As Governor, Barletta will lead a rebuilding of our infrastructure, creating good union jobs in the process.


Barletta has particular expertise in pre-disaster mitigation, having authored legislation signed by President Trump which reformed disaster preparedness and reduced the impact of natural disasters. As a mayor and member of Congress, Barletta saw the devastating effects of brutal storms and flooding and knows that pre-disaster mitigation is key. Emphasis on planning, elevating or hardening structures, and building flood walls can save lives and billions of dollars in property damage. As Governor, Barletta will bring the same approach to Harrisburg.  


Pro-School Choice and Pro-Parental Choice  

As the father of two public school teachers, Barletta knows the importance of quality education for our children. As a member of the U.S. House Committee on Education and Labor, he was credited with saving the federal funding for after school programs, which had been slated for elimination. Pennsylvania students have been negatively affected by Gov. Wolf’s one size fit all decisions this past year shutting down schools. As Governor he will continue to be a champion for high quality public schools, for school choice, and for the greater involvement of parents and teachers in decisions affecting their children. Barletta will also continue to pursue partnerships with schools and private businesses to create opportunities so that graduates are not forced to leave home to find employment.

Eliminating Waste

As the mayor of Hazleton and member of Congress, Barletta earned the reputation as someone who maximizes efficiency and saves taxpayers money. As chairman of a subcommittee of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Barletta was able to save taxpayers $4.4 billion through better management of federal real estate and office space leases. As Governor, Barletta will bring the same scrutiny to state spending to ensure that every public dollar is spent wisely.


Protecting Life

Lou Barletta is a protector of the most vulnerable people among us, the unborn. Each year that Barletta served as Congressman, he earned a 100% rating by the National Right to Life Committee. In 2018, Lou Barletta was endorsed by the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has been and will remain at the forefront of the pro-life movement. As Governor, Barletta will be a strong voice for protecting the unborn and defunding radical organizations like Planned Parenthood, that prey on women experiencing crisis pregnancies to profit off ending the lives of their children.

Safeguard the Second Amendment

Pennsylvanians have the inherent right to keep and bear arms. Lou Barletta will never cease protecting that right. As a Congressman, Barletta received an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association and championed the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. As Governor, Lou Barletta will always protect lawful gun owners from government bureaucrats who seek to dismantle our constitutionally protected 2nd amendment rights.


Stand Up for Our Veterans

The ultimate protectors of American freedoms are our brave men and women who serve in our Armed Forces. These heroic sons, daughters, parents, and neighbors are the bulwark against those adversaries who seek to destroy our ideals and our security. Too often our servicemen return home to find that they cannot get the support they need. Lou Barletta stands with our veterans and will never allow them to be deprioritized. Barletta was proud to support the Veteran’s Choice Act and The Veterans Educational Assistance Act while in Congress and will continue to fight for our veterans as Governor.

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