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Barletta announces Education Advisory Board

Hazleton, PA - Former mayor and congressman Lou Barletta, leading Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, today announced his Education Advisory Board. The advisory board consists of education professionals and experts who have spent their careers in educating children and administering educational programs. The advisory board will assist in the crafting of Barletta's education legislative priorities in order to hit the ground running on day one upon being sworn in as governor.

Barletta issued the following statement:

“The future of Pennsylvania depends on the quality of the education that we give our children, and I’m afraid that we have lost our way in recent years. Too many children are trapped in failing schools and too many parents feel they’ve been locked out of the process by a system that shows complete disregard for their opinions. There are differences from region to region in Pennsylvania, as what’s needed in inner cities may not be the same as in more rural areas. We must prepare kids for college, but we also must focus on vocational training to prepare students for the good, well-paying jobs that we aim to attract to the Commonwealth. I am grateful for the commitment of these excellent education professionals, and I look forward to working with them to chart a better course for our kids.”

Education Advisory Board Members

  • State Rep. Barb Gleim, member of the House Education Committee (Cumberland Co.)

  • Mayor Tim Bradley, Mount Joy Borough Mayor & Educator (Lancaster Co.)

  • Harry Mathias, former Superintendent of the Central Columbia School District (Columbia Co.)

  • Maria D. McColgan, MD, the School District of Philadelphia Board of Education Member (Philadelphia Co.)

  • Gage Bartholomew, Lakeview School Board Director & youngest School Board Director elected in Pennsylvania history (Mercer Co.)


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