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Barletta Campaign Statement on Vice President Kamala Harris' Visit to Pittsburgh

If you are covering Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to Pittsburgh today, please consider the following statement from former Mayor and Congressman Lou Barletta, candidate for Governor:

“Vice President Kamala Harris is supposed to be fixing the crisis at the southern border created by the Biden administration, but instead her travels have brought her to Pittsburgh, some 1,800 miles away. The border failures are damaging to national security, public safety, and legal workers right here in Pennsylvania. Her appearance with the Secretary of Labor is ironic, since it was the rotten leftist policies of shutting down small businesses during the pandemic -- picking winners and losers -- that crushed economic opportunities and the dreams of too many of our citizens. Meanwhile, people have been paid to sit at home, and employers who want to reopen can't find enough employees willing to work. While all this was happening, Governor Tom Wolf handed down harmful dictates and Attorney General Josh Shapiro did nothing. It's time for common sense leadership in Harrisburg to get Pennsylvania going again."


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