Barletta endorsed by Senator Lisa Baker

Baker backs Barletta over two Senate colleagues

Former mayor and congressman Lou Barletta, the leading Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, today announced the formal endorsement of State Senator Lisa Baker. Citing Barletta's leadership and experience, Baker endorsed Barletta over two of her Senate colleagues, signaling coalescing support behind Barletta's grassroots campaign.

“Lou Barletta has been a friend and colleague for nearly twenty-five years," said Senator Lisa Baker. "He has always tackled the tough issues with relentless resolve. In choosing our next governor, we need to look for someone who has executive experience and a track record for supporting community projects that are key to progress for families and communities. When I worked with Lou Barletta in his positions as mayor of Hazleton and U.S. Congressman, he demonstrated the ability to deliver the cooperation and leadership required to run the large and complex enterprise of state government. Pennsylvania needs a chief executive who can grapple with the vital issues of jobs, health care, education, transportation, energy, environment, and public safety. Based on his track record, Lou is well-prepared to begin fixing problems, creating opportunity, and instituting reform, from day one. Northeastern Pennsylvania has not been treated well by state government over the past eight years. Having someone coming from our region in the governor’s office would be a decided advantage in our efforts. For these reasons, I am endorsing Lou Barletta as the Republican candidate for governor.”

"I am grateful to have Senator Lisa Baker's endorsement," said Barletta. "Politicians have ignored Northeastern Pennsylvania for far too long and people are ready for a conservative fighter who will stand up for our values and not bow down to the Radical Left's agenda that is destroying our Commonwealth. As governor, I will unleash our God-given natural resources so Pennsylvania can power the world. I will remove us from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) that will dismantle our energy industry and make America more reliant on countries that hate us for energy. I will put parents back in charge of their children's education. And when I'm governor, boys will play boys sports and girls will play girls sports. This will be the great Pennsylvania comeback."