Barletta launches significant television ad buy to run through primary election

Lou Barletta ad reminds Pennsylvania voters that he’s always fought for them

Former mayor and congressman Lou Barletta, leading Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, today announced the launch of a television ad highlighting Barletta’s record of courageously taking on the fights that are important to Pennsylvanians. The ad discusses Barletta’s leadership on illegal immigration and energy and reminds voters that he was among the first to endorse President Donald Trump in 2016. The ad is the first in a buy that begins Tuesday and will continue through the primary election on May 17, representing a significant investment that will reach nearly seven figures.

“For the last year, Lou Barletta has run the greatest grassroots campaign Pennsylvania has ever seen, and the voters are responding,” said Barletta campaign manager Jeremy Sheftel. “We are now carrying our positive message even further, reminding voters that they know Lou and his record, and that, as governor of Pennsylvania, he will fight for what’s right. You don’t have to wonder what Lou will do tomorrow – just look at what he did yesterday.”

The ad will run on cable television in four markets initially: Erie, Pittsburgh, Johnstown/Altoona, and Harrisburg.

The spot contains the following script:

NARRATOR: Some lack the courage to fight. Not Lou Barletta.

Lou has always led the fights important to us.

Lou fought illegal immigration when no one else would.

Lou fought the liberals when they tried to shut down our Pennsylvania energy.

Lou was one of the first in the country to endorse Donald Trump, because Lou has courage, and that’s missing in Harrisburg.

More than ever, Pennsylvania deserves a governor as tough as we are.

Pennsylvania needs Lou Barletta fighting for us.