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Barletta takes strong stances on illegal immigration & energy in national radio interview

Former mayor and congressman Lou Barletta, the leading Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, emphasized his zero-tolerance stance on illegal immigration and also pledged to unleash the energy potential of the Commonwealth in a national radio interview Saturday. Barletta made the remarks during an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday on Sirius XM Patriot Channel 125.

Barletta said that he “will use all powers available to him to stop illegal immigration” when he is governor, including stopping “sanctuary cities.”

An article following the radio appearance reads, in part:

“Barletta added that he recently called out President Joe Biden, Gov. Tom Wolf (D), and State Attorney General Josh Shapiro over the ‘ghost flights’ of illegals coming in the dead of the night, ‘dumping them all over Pennsylvania’ without any knowledge.

“He also noted that fentanyl deaths have hit a record high and ‘we know the fentanyl is coming from the southern border.’ Yet Pennsylvania officials are continuing to allow Biden to dump illegal aliens in the Keystone State.

“‘That ends when I’m governor of Pennsylvania. I will go after anyone who aids — what I think is human trafficking here into Pennsylvania — dumping people without our knowledge into our communities,’ he said. ‘I’ll go after the buses or anybody that helps relocate people who are illegally being brought into Pennsylvania.’

“Barletta also said he will go after every sanctuary city ‘with every resource that [he has] in [his] power to protect the citizens of Pennsylvania.’”

Barletta also promised he would be a governor who promotes the use of Pennsylvania’s massive energy deposits:

“The former congressman also vowed to unleash energy in Pennsylvania as governor, noting that the Russian invasion of Ukraine ‘highlights Biden’s failure on our energy policy’ — a major national security issue, he said.

“‘And Pennsylvania is the answer to that. We have more energy in Pennsylvania than countries around the world, in the Middle East. We can be a global leader, and we will be when I become governor,’ Barletta said, vowing to drop the state out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

“‘We’re going to greenlight pipelines when I’m governor. We’re going to reform DEP [Department of Environmental Protection],’ which, he said, they used as a weapon to stop natural gas companies.

“‘Pennsylvania is the answer to our national security issues, and when I’m governor, we’ll be a global leader again,’ he promised.”


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