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Barletta video slams Josh Shapiro as weak on crime

Hazleton, PA - Former mayor and congressman Lou Barletta, Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, today released a video slamming Attorney General Josh Shapiro for being weak on crime. Shapiro, a Democrat, has formally announced that he’s running for governor of Pennsylvania.

The video features clips of Shapiro promising to do his job as the chief law enforcement officer of the Commonwealth, contrasted with news reports that show that violent crime is out of control in Pennsylvania on his watch.

“On Josh Shapiro’s watch, law enforcement has been undermined, violent criminals have been given free rein, murders are nearing all-time highs, and residents in our neighborhoods are terrorized by drug dealers who are allowed to operate out in the open,” Barletta said. “Josh Shapiro has let Pennsylvania down and now he wants a promotion. He is not qualified to be the governor of this great Commonwealth.” “When I’m governor, we will restore respect and support to our men and women in blue, we will protect our citizens, and we will crack down on violent criminals,” Barletta continued. “I will side with law enforcement and the law-abiding citizens of Pennsylvania. Shapiro has already shown that he sides with the radical left.”


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