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Barletta would support a ban on gifts to Pennsylvania public officials

Former mayor and congressman Lou Barletta, the leading Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, would sign legislation that would ban gifts to public officials. Currently, state and local officials may accept gifts of any value but must report those worth more than $250. Expenses for travel, such as airfare, hotels, or other transportation costs, may also currently be accepted but must be reported if they are valued at higher than $650.

Barletta today issued the following statement:

“Lobbyists and special interests have had too much control in Harrisburg for far too long. It’s time for new, principled leadership to bring back trust and transparency to the citizens of our Commonwealth. I fully support a lobbyist gift ban for public officials and public employees. I had to adhere to strict gift bans when I was in Congress and Harrisburg should be no different.”


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