Berks County Commissioners Christian Leinbach and Michael Rivera endorse Barletta for Governor

Former mayor and congressman Lou Barletta, leading Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, today announced the formal endorsement of Berks County Commissioners Christian Leinbach and Michael Rivera. Leinbach and Rivera's endorsement comes as Barletta's surging campaign is consolidating support across the Commonwealth at an unprecedented level over the last several days as Pennsylvania conservatives have begun to coalesce behind Barletta as the best candidate to defeat Josh Shapiro in November.

"The GOP race for Governor is unprecedented at least in my lifetime," said Berks County Commissioner Christian Leinbach. "There are so many candidates in this race and the various claims and counterclaims are confusing Republican voters. I know Lou Barletta. He listens to people, and he listens to county leaders. He understands that governance is about leadership and that leadership is about knowing and understanding the people, the counties and the Commonwealth you are to lead. We need a common sense conservative candidate for Governor and Lou is the only person in this race that I can support and that I believe can win the primary and defeat Josh Shapiro in the general election. We need to take back Pennsylvania and I believe Lou Barletta is the right candidate to do the job that’s why I’m endorsing Lou Barletta for Governor.”

“Lou Barletta jumps out as a great candidate for governor because he’s served at the local level, as mayor of Hazleton, and served in Congress, plus he’s run a successful small business," said Berks County Commissioner Michael Rivera. "As local leaders, we always want a governor who understands what our own citizens are experiencing. I’m supporting Lou Barletta because he’s a common sense conservative who is the only one in the Republican field who can bring victory in November. We have a chance to accomplish great things, but it will take a candidate who can actually win. That’s Lou Barletta.”