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Josh Shapiro makes himself scarce for Biden visit

Josh Shapiro is dodging a visit from President Joe Biden to Pittsburgh Friday, lamely citing a “scheduling conflict” despite being invited by the White House, according to the Associated Press. Shapiro, the attorney general of Pennsylvania and the likely Democratic candidate for governor, had previously said that he would welcome the president to Pennsylvania when he visited. Former mayor and congressman Lou Barletta, leading Republican candidate for governor, today issued the following statement: “It’s a pretty basic rule that when you are a statewide office holder and candidate for office, and the president of your party comes to your state, you show up. The fact that Josh Shapiro doesn’t want to be in the same city as Joe Biden tells you a lot about how Pennsylvanians view the policies that are coming from Washington, D.C. They feel the same way about Gov. Tom Wolf’s policies, and they see that Shapiro hasn’t done his job either. Biden, Wolf, and Shapiro all represent the ideas that have gotten Pennsylvania into the mess we’re in. This is yet another sign that Pennsylvania is ready for a change, which is definitely coming this November.”


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