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Lou Barletta Announces Co-Chairs for Public Safety Advisory Board

Hazleton, PA - Former mayor and congressman Lou Barletta, Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, today announced the co-chairs for his public safety advisory board to address the alarming rise in crime in our cities, suburbs, and neighborhoods. The advisory board will assist in the crafting of Barletta's public safety legislative priorities in order to hit the ground running on day one upon being sworn in as governor. The advisory board will be co-chaired by IAFF 22 President Mike Bresnan (Philadelphia Firefighter and Paramedics Union), Dauphin County Sheriff Nicholas Chimienti, Jr., former City of Hazleton Chief of Police Frank DeAndrea, Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association President John Eckenrode, Public Safety Subject Matter Expert Ben Mannes, and Butler County Sheriff Michael Slupe. Barletta issued the following statement: “Crime is out of control in Pennsylvania. From big cities to small boroughs, Governor Wolf's and Josh Shapiro's weak approach to enforcing the rule of law has empowered violent criminals and made Pennsylvania a more dangerous place to raise a family. Under Wolf and Shapiro, Philadelphia has become the murder capital of America, Kensington has become the largest open-air heroin market in the country, and law enforcement and first responders lack the resources and support they need to do their jobs effectively. Pennsylvania deserves so much better. "It's time to restore common sense to the Commonwealth. Our governor has a duty to protect his constituents. These trusted advisers will help me craft my policies to crack down on the lawlessness overrunning our Commonwealth, and empower law enforcement and first responders to do their jobs effectively so they can keep us safe." Members of the advisory board commended Barletta for taking a proactive approach to public safety: "Lou Barletta will be the most pro-law enforcement governor in the history of Pennsylvania. Our current leaders have abandoned law enforcement and, as a result, Pennsylvania has become a more dangerous place to live. I commend Lou for showcasing his leadership to protect Pennsylvania families and I look forward to helping him craft solutions to improve officer retention, recruitment, training, and other important issues." - Dauphin County Sheriff Nicholas Chimienti, Jr. "I have never seen an Attorney General so silent in the disrespect for at-risk communities and the police who sign up to protect them more than Josh Shapiro. Josh Shapiro's weak approach to public integrity oversight has enabled his political allies in the Kenney and Krasner administrations in making Philadelphia less safe. I applaud Lou Barletta for taking a proactive approach to addressing these very serious issues and I am honored to help him secure our Commonwealth." - A. Benjamin Mannes, Public Safety SME and Philadelphia Weekly/Broad + Liberty Columnist


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