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Lou Barletta Announces "Powered by Pennsylvania" Energy Advisory Board

Hazleton, PA - Former mayor and congressman Lou Barletta, Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, today announced his "Powered by Pennsylvania" energy advisory board. The advisory board will assist in the crafting of Barletta's pro-energy legislative priorities in order to hit the ground running on day one upon being sworn in as governor. The advisory board will be co-chaired by State Representative and Republican Chairman of the Gas and Oil Caucus Eric Nelson (R-Westmoreland), former USDA Rural Development PA State Director Curt Coccodrilli, David Marks (President, PA Energy Fuels LLC), Dr. Charles (Chuck) Zelek (former U.S. Department of Energy Advisor and founding partner of Climate Smart Environmental Consulting LLC), and John Pughe (Chief Commercial Officer of GreenTech Mineral Holdings, Inc.)

Barletta issued the following statement:

Pennsylvania is blessed to sit atop a massive expanse of natural resources which has always been a key driver of our economy. Pennsylvania's energy industry has been the unfair target of extreme liberal Green New Deal-style policies that have decimated our economy and cost thousands of hardworking, blue-collar Pennsylvanians their jobs. It's time we turn on the energy powerhouse that Pennsylvania can be and unleash our natural resources once and for all.
Under my administration, Pennsylvania will formally withdraw from the economy-killing Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which ships our jobs to other states and does not have any impact on the environment. We will become an energy leader again and the days of taking a backseat to Russia and Communist China will be over. I look forward to working closely with these trusted advisers to implement a strong 'Powered by Pennsylvania' pro-energy agenda, and bring well-paying, blue-collar jobs back to their rightful home in the Commonwealth.


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