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Lou Barletta statement on Josh Shapiro & RGGI

Breaking news reports indicate that Democratic candidate for governor of Pennsylvania Josh Shapiro is telling everybody what they want to hear on environmental regulations, which is the clearest sign yet that he can’t be trusted to protect the jobs of working Pennsylvanians. The Associated Press is reporting that Shapiro believes that the multi-state Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), which Gov. Tom Wolf is forcing Pennsylvania to join, does not represent “real action,” and is trying to have the issue both ways.

Former mayor and congressman Lou Barletta, Republican candidate for governor, today issued the following statement:

“Josh Shapiro is proving that he’s a typical politician by talking out of both sides of his mouth. By saying that RGGI is not ‘real action,’ he’s telling environmental activists that he would do even more to clamp down on our energy industries. But he knows that this will kill thousands of jobs, so he’s trying to mislead working people about the future of their jobs if he becomes governor. This phony balancing act should fool no one and confirm that Shapiro can’t be trusted with the economic future of Pennsylvania.

“Make no mistake: Shapiro is telegraphing that he would be even more extreme on environmental regulation than even Gov. Wolf, which is really saying something. Greater regulation of our energy industries will devastate working families in all parts of the Commonwealth with job losses and higher electric bills. These fantasy ‘green energy’ jobs that Shapiro keeps talking about never materialize in sufficient numbers, and even when they do, they don’t pay nearly as well as the dependable energy jobs our workers are accustomed to. If there were any doubt remaining, Josh Shapiro has dispelled it now: He would be a disaster for working people and the entire Pennsylvania economy.”


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