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Lou Barletta statement on Josh Shapiro’s campaign announcement

Hazleton, PA - Former mayor and congressman Lou Barletta, Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, today issued the following statement regarding Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s announcement that he’s running for governor: “Josh Shapiro is beholden to the same radical, leftist groups that have a grip on Democrats in Washington, D.C. and would be a disaster as governor of Pennsylvania. His policies are dictated to him by leftist activists and the residents of the Commonwealth have already suffered enough. “Pennsylvanians have suffered tremendously under Governor Wolf 's and Josh Shapiro's tyrannical rule: businesses were crushed by draconian lockdowns, children had a year of their education stolen from them, criminals have been given free rein, Philadelphia has become the murder capital of America, Kensington in north Philadelphia is facing an unmitigated opioid and public health crisis, our energy industry and blue-collar jobs are under assault, and woke radicals are seeking to cancel every aspect of our national history. “Simply put, Josh Shapiro’s record disqualifies him from serving as governor. He is motivated by power and authority – even trying to tell Catholic nuns they must pay for birth control in their health insurance policies. He has zero real world experience and would lead Pennsylvania even further in the wrong direction than Wolf has. “Pennsylvanians are desperate for change. I look forward to sharing my positive vision with voters - Republican, Democrat, and Independent - and how we can unite together to restore common sense to the Commonwealth.”


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