Lou Barletta Statement on President Biden's Visit to Scranton

Former mayor and congressman Lou Barletta, Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, today issued the following statement regarding President Joe Biden’s visit to Scranton: “President Biden is trying to force a massive $3.5 trillion leftist wishlist onto Pennsylvania taxpayers at the same time we are seeing record inflation crippling middle-class families across the country. President Biden's plan will only make things worse, which is why he lies about it and claims that it will actually cost nothing at all. "Under President Biden, everything has become more expensive and hard working Pennsylvanians are struggling to get by. We are facing an unprecedented labor shortage as people have been paid not to work, and the supply chain crisis is putting our ability to celebrate the holidays with our families at risk. "President Biden has declared war on our energy industries and Gov. Tom Wolf and his hand-picked candidate Josh Shapiro have been his foot soldiers. With fuel prices skyrocketing and jobs disappearing, blue collar workers -- including many union members -- are bearing the brunt of their terrible policies. If Shapiro becomes governor, the attacks on energy sector workers will only increase. "When I'm governor of Pennsylvania, we will restore common sense back to the Commonwealth and make Pennsylvania a freedom-loving state again and a place where private enterprise can create good jobs."