Lou Barletta Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on Election Security

Former Mayor and Congressman Lou Barletta, Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, today issued the following statement regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling upholding Arizona’s voter fraud protection laws:

“This ruling by the highest court in the nation is a victory for election integrity and ballot security, and is much needed at a time when millions of Pennsylvanians have lost faith in our electoral process. Through this decision, the court has dealt a blow to Democrat efforts to loosen voting rules and enshrine opportunities for fraud into federal and state law.

“Under this ruling, states now have the clear authority to ban ‘ballot harvesting,’ which allows candidates, campaign staffers, partisan activists, and others to collect massive numbers of ballots from people and cast votes on their behalf. This kind of ballot trafficking is a wide-open door for fraud, especially if vote collectors enter places like nursing homes and walk out with armfuls of ballots. There are no safeguards against intimidating or misleading voters filling out such ballots and the chain of custody is completely destroyed. Blocking this practice is something that all states should want to do.

“Additionally, the court allowed states to invalidate ballots that are cast in precincts where voters are not actually registered. This is another common sense security provision that protects the integrity of elections.

“This ruling is tremendous news for supporters of safe, secure, and reliable elections in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. When I’m governor, I will work with the legislature to restore integrity and security to our elections, including repealing Act 77, which caused so much chaos in our 2020 election.”