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Lou Barletta statement on violence & lawlessness in Philadelphia

Violence and lawlessness continue to escalate in Philadelphia, highlighting failed policies and a severe lack of leadership. Local landmark Pat's Steaks has been the scene of two recent murders, a spate of gun battles in the streets have left residents fearing for their safety, and out-of-control drag races in North Philadelphia have created chaos. Former mayor and congressman Lou Barletta, Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, today issued the following statement. "As summer winds to a close, it seems the violence in Philadelphia is only ramping up. As the deadly violence and lawlessness continues unchecked, residents are forced to ask again: Where are the elected officials who are supposed to protect our communities? From Mayor Jim Kenney to District Attorney Larry Krasner to Attorney General Josh Shapiro, the people entrusted with fighting crime have abandoned our citizens and actually empowered the criminals, even at popular tourist spots like Pat's Steaks. They've sided with the 'Defund the Police' crowd, undermined our law enforcement officers, allowed neighborhoods like Kensington to fall into despair, and celebrated Philly being a sanctuary city. It is a dereliction of duty, plain and simple, and the law-abiding people of Philadelphia are paying the price. When I'm governor, we will support our police, take back our streets, and make Philadelphia a place where residents and visitors can feel safe."


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