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Northumberland County GOP endorses Lou Barletta for governor

The Northumberland County Republican Committee has unanimously endorsed Lou Barletta for governor in the Pennsylvania Republican primary. Northumberland becomes the second county party committee to endorse Barletta, joining Luzerne County, which endorsed him in December. Barletta is the only Republican candidate for governor to have been endorsed by any county party committees.

Barletta issued the following statement:

“The real leadership in Pennsylvania is at the grassroots level, which is why I’m so grateful to receive the endorsement of the Northumberland County Republican Committee. They are the ones who understand what needs to be fixed in their community, and it is humbling to receive their support. When I’m governor, I will not let them down. We will reopen Pennsylvania for business again, take advantage of our abundant natural resources, fix the economy, and make sure that we stand for law and order again. We won’t coddle criminals, and we won’t look the other way on illegal immigration. We’re running the largest grassroots organization Pennsylvania has ever seen, and this endorsement from the Northumberland County GOP is more proof.”


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