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Sen. Scott Martin endorses Lou Barletta for governor

State Sen. Scott Martin (13th District), former candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, today endorsed Lou Barletta in the Republican gubernatorial primary as the best candidate to beat Democrat Josh Shapiro in the November election. Barletta, a former mayor and congressman, has been at or near the top of every public poll released during the campaign. The Republican primary is Tuesday, May 17.

Martin joins state Sen. Jake Corman (President Pro Tempore, 34th District) and former Congresswoman Melissa Hart as Republican candidates who have dropped out of the race and are now supporting Barletta.

At a press conference in Lancaster on Sunday, Sen. Martin said that Barletta is the best hope Republicans have to unite the party and produce a candidate who can bring victory in the fall.

“We all entered the race for governor because we believed we could make a difference in the direction Pennsylvania was headed,” Martin said. “As a former candidate myself, I’m endorsing Lou Barletta because I believe he is the best prepared to unite Republicans, lead us to victory over Josh Shapiro in November, and put our state back on a path to prosperity. As we approach Primary Day on Tuesday, I have carefully examined all the candidates and I am proud to endorse Lou Barletta. I encourage all Republicans to do the same so we can take back Pennsylvania this Fall.”

Barletta thanked Martin for his support and said Tuesday’s primary is a chance for Republicans to take the fight to Shapiro.

“I am grateful for Sen. Martin’s support because he had the courage of his convictions to enter the arena,” Barletta said. “We all agreed on so many issues during the campaign, and the common goal now ought to be nominating the candidate who can beat Josh Shapiro in the fall. I have a history of beating Democrats in tough elections and the people of Pennsylvania know me. We must move forward as a party, united behind a candidate who can actually win.”


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