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State Senator Bob Mensch endorses Barletta for Governor

Former mayor and congressman Lou Barletta, leading Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, today announced the formal endorsement of State Senator Bob Mensch. Mensch's endorsement comes on the heels of several major endorsements Barletta has received in the last 24 hours including: Senate Pro Tempore and former gubernatorial candidate Jake Corman, Congressman Fred Keller, former governor Mark Schweiker, and former Lt. Governor Jim Cawley, amongst others.

“Pennsylvania is presented with a golden opportunity to correct the disastrous course laid out by Gov. Wolf and Josh Shapiro, and I firmly believe that Lou Barletta is the best candidate to lead The Great Pennsylvania Comeback," said Sen. Bob Mensch. "We need a candidate who can unite the Republican Party and defeat Shapiro in November, and Lou is the right choice. In Southeast PA, we want a fighter in the governor’s office, and we will have one with Lou Barletta.”


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