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Wolf's Economic Policies Cause Pennsylvanians to Lose $1.7 Billion in Wealth

A study has found that Pennsylvania lost $1.7 billion in 2019 due to migration trends according to new analysis of IRS data.

The performance of Pennsylvania in the analysis was the sixth worst among the lower 48 states, the authors said.

For those states attracting the most people and wealth, the result was economic growth and investment, as well as an expanding tax base. Those states suffering from migration outflows, however, experienced difficulties in paying down public debts as well as higher taxation, according to the study.

Former mayor and Congressman Lou Barletta, Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania, today issued the following statement:

“For far too long, Pennsylvanians have suffered under Governor Wolf’s failed leadership which has made Pennsylvania less prosperous and less competitive. As a result, thousands of people have abandoned our state to relocate to more tax-friendly states like Florida and Texas. It’s time to give Pennsylvanians a governor who will fight to make us more economically competitive so we can have the opportunity to live out our version of the American Dream right here in Pennsylvania.”


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